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Manchester United are convinced they will sign Southampton left-back Luke Shaw, 18, in a £30m deal that was planned before David Moyes's sacking earlier this week. [Guardian]

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Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger, 64, is planning to sign a new contract at the club this summer, and then go on a £70m spending spree to improve the Gunners' squad. [Daily Mirror]

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Players with most wins in the European competitions :

Xavi (88)

Casillas (82)

Raul (81)


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Bayern Munich legend Franz Beckenbauer: “We’re going to end up being unwatchable like Barça" (Sky) 


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Guardiola: "Real Madrid are the best counter-attacking team in the world." 


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Bayern Munich trio Bastian Schweinsteiger, Philipp Lahm & Toni Kroos completed more passes (241) than the entire Real Madrid side (211). 


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Casillas is the goalkeeper with most saves in this season's Champions League with 40 - Neuer second with 30.


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FT: Real Madrid 1-0 Bayern Munich 


How many like for Real Madrid


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Real Madrid 1-0 Bayern (19’ Karim Benzema)

Cristiano off, Bale IN
Pepe off injured, Varane is IN
Gotze on, Ribery off. 


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Real Madrid 1-0 Bayern (19’ Karim Benzema)


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Benzema is the first player to score 5 goals and assist 5 in this season's Champions League.


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34' Bayern München 0-1 Real Madrid



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Last prediction for tonight match.

Bayern München vs Real Madrid


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Champions League :  FC Bayern München vs Real Madrid

Real Madrid XI vs Bayern: Casillas, Pepe, Ramos, Coentrão, Ronaldo, Benzema, Alonso, Carvajal, Modric, Di María, Isco.

FC Bayern München XI vs Real Madrid C.F.: Neuer - Dante, Ribéry, Mandzukić, Robben, Rafinha, Boateng, Lahm, Alaba, Schweinsteiger, Kroos 


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BREAKING - Adnan Januzaj has declared himself available for the Belgian national team.


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Jose Mourinho: "My priority is the Champions League."


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Ronaldo on fb : You only become a giant by making them fall. #RiskEverything


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Hugo Sanchez : "Messi is not feeling valued highly enough by Barcelona with his contract and they must be careful,"

"If Barca are careless, I can see Real Madrid signing him."

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Hit like if you think he will score tonight :D

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Pep Guardiola's record against Real Madrid:

Played - 15
Won - 9
Loss - 2
Draw - 4


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UPDATE: Cristiano feels no pain in his hamstring and wants to play tonight against Bayern. [@Manu_Sainz] 


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Real Madrid have the best goal average per game in the history of the Champions League, with 32 in ten games played.


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Gareth Bale has recovered from his illness and ready to play tonight.


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Top scorers in top league 

1. Suarez 30
2. Sturridge 20
3. Toure 18

La Liga
1. Ronaldo 28
2. Costa 27
3. Messi 26

Serie A
1. Immobile 20
2. Toni 18
3. Tevez 18

1. Mandzukic 18
2. Lewandowski 18
3. Adrian Ramos 16.

French League 1
1. Ibrahimovic 25
2. Abubakar 16
3. Cavani 15


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